Sub-zero Temperatures, Snow and Abandoned Events

What a week we've had! As I write this post the snow has finally arrived and whilst it looks pretty it very disruptive, the water on the yard has frozen and I'm hiding in the warmth for a minutes writing this as the temperature continues to torture us.

Despite the weather and sub-zero temperatures we've managed pretty well to keep the show on the road, and this is made a lot whole lot easier with the help I get from the amazing team I have around me, they have excelled themselves in these far from ideal conditions and have worked there socks off.

The beginning of the week saw us out crossing schooling again, we took seven to Attington on Monday and three to Tweseldown on Wednesday and then we were back at Attington with five more on Thursday.

Monday evening was a late one with dressage lessons (just the three) with Dad (Ian Woodhead) commencing at 6pm after he'd finished training the Ireland Eventing Team. I've also a had a couple of dressage lessons with Carl Hester MBE this week too.

Earlier in the week an exciting delivery of new kit arrived from my amazing sponsor Antares

As the week has drawn to a close, we should have been packing the lorry and preparing to head off to Aston le Walls, Northamptonshire with the younger horses on Saturday and then Isleham, Cambridgeshire with big boys on Sunday, sadly the start of the season has been postponed with both events cancelling due to this severe weather we're currently experiencing, whilst it's a bit frustrating it's the right decision, its far to early in the year to risk injury to myself or the horses. So we now look to next weekend, hopefully the snow thaws quickly and we can pack the lorry and head North to Oasby, Nottinghamshire with six!

Until next time, stay safe, and keep warm. Holly xx

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